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☆☆ 星のステージ ☆☆

☆ hoshitachi no shita de rekishi wo kizamu ☆
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johnnys icons, hey say jump, news, japan

A B O U T ☆

• welcome to ☆ Star Stage ☆ / star_stage

• This community is the graphic LJ of feriin and shizuu

☆ Star Stage ☆ was created on February, 02 2008. I (we) just wanna to dump all my graphics and share them away from my personal journal..

• All my (we) graphic found here mostly from Johnny's Entertaiment artist.. (especially NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP). But I'll try to posting another graphic.

• This community is open-membership, unless it gets out of control.

• Star Stage inspired form Hey! Say! JUMP song "Star Time", personally I <33 STAR soo muuch!! xD

PROFILE CODES + STYLESHEET CODE + BANNER + link three + link four

R U L E S ☆

A few simple rules to Know:
• If you like my graphic wokrs, you should to JOIN *feel free to join ne~*

• Comment when you take/like anything from this community.

CREDIT to feriin or star_stage If using. It is very IMPORTANT to CREDIT~

DO NOT re-posting, HOT-LINKKING without permission.

DO NOT re-edit and claim it as your own!!


A F F I L I A T E S ☆

If you would become an affiliates with star_stage; just comment HERE!!

bentosound --> xxaibaxl0v3xx
weeeek --> randomsheets
wasaaaabi -->
abcb0x --> onigirii_xb

feel free ne~ { heart }

M O D E R A T O R S * C O N T A C T S
feel free to contact me about anything in this community~ <33
I <33 to make a friends!! XD

Live Journal: feriin
Email / MSN: feriin_ogawa69[at]hotmail[dot]com
Yahoo!: feriinchan_ogawa69[at]yahoo[dot]com

Live Journal: shizuu
Yahoo!: dissa_gokuchan[at]yahoo[dot]com